I spent the afternoon with my students and new women’s group members. I’ve never really celebrated Women’s Day before, but I’m so glad I did this year.

I first showed them the Girls Can video, and talked about the fact that even today there are people who doubt women’s ability and talent. I asked the girls to think about a time they were told they couldn’t do something, or to think about something that they want to accomplish, and complete the sentence, “Girls can…” I also gave them a couple more options. Here’s what they came up with:

Girls can…

"be independent, be brave, do what she likes, do as well as men, and be free like men"

"do everything what she wants to do. You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success."

"become a great leader and do everything the men do."

"be nice, be leaders, and be themselves. Be your own girl."

"daydream of something unrealistic and say it and not worry that someone will laugh about it."

What I love about being a woman is…

"that I can wear all kinds of beautiful skirts. I can cry whenever. And I can be naughty when I stay with my boyfriend. "

that I can do what I want to do: go shopping with friends, do sports. As a woman, she is beautiful, every girl has a good knowledge”

Women’s Day to me means…

"being stronger, being myself."

We put their posters up around the building for others to see and gain encouragement or awareness from. We then went outside for some fun! We had a couple of team relays, and painted a beautiful poster to celebrate the day’s theme: Girls Can!

On my way out, I spotted someone reading one of the girls’ posters.

What a fantastic day ^_^ Video: http://vimeo.com/ausannette/yznuwomensday